If You Cannot Do A Raw Meat Diet For Your Dog

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This post is part of a blog series that addresses a raw meat diet for dogs. We’ve learned about the history of pet food and why we shouldn’t trust pet food companies. We also learned more about what wolves (and what dogs should) eat along with how to design a raw food diet for your pup.

I get it. A quality raw food diet isn’t always convenient or affordable. Sometimes there are some serious reasons why your dog can’t get a raw food diet.

In this case, it’s very important to try to make sure the food your pup gets meets their nutritional needs. The first sign of quality food? Human-grade. If you can’t eat it, why the heck do you want to give it to your fur babies!?

If it’s still not possible to get human-grade food, try organic. If organic is not possible, get hormones free or non-GMO. You get bonus points if it’s free range, grass fed, or humanely raised meat.

Also, make sure the ingredients are readable. Meaning there are no ingredients you have no idea what it is or you had to google to find out what it is. Make sure there are no corn, wheat/gluten, ‘meals’, fillers, and byproducts. There are the rare exceptions when ‘meals’ are okay- when it is JUST the animal itself without anything else tossed in.

The type of meal your dog should get is ranked in order:

  1. Raw food (meat, veggie, and fruit)
  2. Freeze dried food
  3. Premium canned food
  4. Premium kibble

Avoid the generic dog food brands you find at your local grocery store. Seriously, most of them have fillers and creepy byproducts that will blow your mind, and not in a good way.

Just remember that your little fur friend will be grateful for your efforts to keep him healthy and happy. Thank you for trying so hard!

Suggested Products

Heads up, these are affiliate links so I do get paid (very little) when you purchase them. However, I would never promote a product that I wouldn’t use myself.

My number 1 back-up choice: human grade freeze dried food

A more affordable freeze dried food option, although not human grade

An organic canned dog food option

Another organic canned dog food option

If you absolutely had no choice and had to do kibble… this is one of the ‘better’ choices, although not the best one out there. Their chicken ‘meal’ is made from organic chicken

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