Hi, I’m Katie

Growing up, I’ve always loved finding beauty and simplicity in things. Some people might dispute that I’m not simple-minded, as my brain (and words) often go a zillion miles an hour. However, I found pleasure in creating simple solutions that brought joy to the world.

I started this blog as a platform to share ideas and inspiration that I’ve gathered throughout my journey in this lifetime. I know that I only have a glimpse of the grand possibilities within our lives. I welcome your dialogue and partnership as we connect.

On my spare time, I enjoy stargazing, komorebi, shamanic practices, reading, watching documentaries, volunteering, playing with my silly Pomeranian, dancing to my favorite kinds of music, watercolors, and Pinteresting.

I have had the fortune to live in beautiful places like Corpus Christi, TX, Berkeley, CA, and Snowmass, CO. I currently reside in Austin, TX.

[A white girl with brown long hair and gold stud earrings smiles at the camera.]

Core Values

These are the four core values that guide the growth of this blog.

1. Peaceful

When we sit quietly in a dark room, the smallest thing becomes the loudest. The world is the loudest it has ever been, parallel with the rates of mental illness, distress, conflict, and negativity. This blog’s first focus is to bring peace to your life through ideas and inspiration. Mediation and mindfulness is a cool tool to balance the heat of our life. Within solitude, we can truly begin to embrace our authentic self.

Related terms: peaceful, inspiring, balanced, transcendent, purpose-oriented, healthy, positive, healing, optimistic, compassionate, innovative, creative, abundance

2. Authentic

Trust is the core of every successful relationship. This blog aims to be transparent, honest, and ethical in all our interaction with readers and partners. We will be clear where there are affiliate links, referrals, or similar kind of opportunities so you know exactly what you’re getting. With a healthy relationship between us, our peace of mind continues.

Related terms: honest, integrity, transparent, unbiased, consistent, respect, courage, not superficial, efficient, genuine, ethical, trustworthy

3. Interdependent

Life is full of diversity. If you look at nature, you’ll see that the trees and flowers grow without competing with the other. This brings a beautiful space that benefits the ecosystem (like the birds and the bees). We know that we can do great things ourselves but we can do so much more when we work with others. When we engage in healthy dialogue and teamwork, a new way of life opens up for all of us.

Related terms: community, thought-provoking, philosophical, open minded, communication, education, open dialogue, sustainable, synergy, positive-sum game

4. Simple

We work best in clean spaces that allow our personality and thoughts to shine through. This blog aims to be as simple and easy as possible to allow readers to enjoy their journey all the more. Life is more fun when you’re surrounded by friendly and supportive people.

Related terms: easy, minimalist, affordable, clean, aesthetically pleasing, warm, friendly, down to earth, fun, patient

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