An Overdue Update

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It has been quite a journey lately. The last few years have been interesting for me. I’ve experienced ups and downs, struggles and victories, much like the days and nights we live through. I am grateful for every bit of it. 

I moved to Austin in December of 2019. I was burned out beyond belief. I had given my all to an organization I loved. But it was killing me. I’ll share this story another day; it is a very long one. It was hard leaving. It was hard being tired. It was hard being disrespected. It was hard to no longer wake up to the fresh mountain air and the smell of the nearby creek. It was hard to think about where my next source of income would be. Heck, I didn’t know what I liked to do outside of work. It was scary. 

Fortunately, I had my best friend (me), another best friend (my partner), and my other best friend, Rigel. I was also fortunate to have even more good friends (thank you, Jo and Drew) for welcoming us into their home as I recovered and assimilated into mainstream life once again. I was tired all the time. My mental fog and memory issues were frustrating. I still struggle with it, but it’s so much better than it was. Progress, baby! 

There were months of self-care, relearning how to rest, and prioritizing my health. I quit soda. I dealt with severe cases of vertigo and ended up in the hospital for a few days. I was bored. I was depressed. About a year and a half later, I finally started to feel ready to socialize and seek adventure again. 

Then the pandemic came. We all know what that felt like. Honestly, it has been interesting for me. It gave me more time to heal and continue evaluating my priorities. I had a lot of anxiety about my health. I often worried that my adrenal fatigue put me at higher risk of complications from COVID. I was concerned about the long-term impact it would have on Zack, who is a professional athlete.

Despite it all, I did something! I graduated with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi as of May 15, 2021. That dream was a childhood dream of mine. I knew I wanted to go into business after growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and falling in love with Mel Gibson’s role in What Women Want. It feels incredible to have that goal crossed off. I giggle when I think of it. I still wake up in a panic, thinking I have homework due or a test to do. 

I kept this part of my journey to myself. I wanted to do it for myself. Sometimes when we share our progress with others, it’s less personal. I intentionally kept this goal close to my heart. Obviously, my partner and housemates saw me doing the work. My references also had an idea. They knew, but they also respected my space (thank you!). 

Working towards my MBA was a very healing process. I learned so much about what I could have done better in previous positions. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret what I’ve done; they led me to where I am today. Experience is an excellent teacher. The most significant impact was the validation I found through my education. There was so much research that came to light that validated my intuition and motivations for past decisions. 

After being traumatically harmed by toxic leaders and peers, this validation boosted my confidence. Even though none of us know what we’re doing, I know deep in my bones that I know what I’m doing in my frame of reference. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s what I felt throughout the process. I give myself permission to confidentiality make decisions, and to let go of the fears and doubts that held me back. Go big (within reasonable parameters) or go home. 

I also founded an LLC! This business focuses on enabling nonprofits to do more. I’m passionate about organization and efficiency (obviously). I wanted to marry that love with another passion for making a difference in the world. Nonprofits are dear to me. Since I was a child, I’ve been involved in the industry. Honestly, who hasn’t been a part of a nonprofit, whether it’s in the role of being a staff member, client, donor, volunteer, or board member?

Anyways, I am excited to grow this business in the next few years. We have big dreams where nonprofits are no longer overlooked as essential contributors to the economy and healthy communities. When we lift others, we lift ourselves. It’s a win-win for all. Check us out at BTW, check out the meaning behind the name. It’s a pretty neat story. 

I am excited to work on this blog as well as 52 Alliance. I am excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the pandemic. I am excited about picking up new skills. I am excited about renewed energy. I am excited about spending time with family and friends. I am excited about life.

What have you been up to?! Are you doing alright? Drop a comment below or send me a message to let me know how you have been. 


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